Orange Ojai

The quiet and orange-blossom scented desert town of Ojai is close to the ocean and far from the cold and wet of Vancouver Island (where I find myself most often). It is full of artists and creative people who continue to push the limits of progressive thinking in food, art, and lifestyle. It has a grounded essence, but a run-in with a celebrity at the local coffee shop isn’t too out of the ordinary. That’s when you know it’s a safe haven for many people of the city. Cactus farms, an outdoor bookstore, and a bar with a fireplace are a few of the many intriguing parts of what makes Ojai what it is. 

It has long been known as a place for healing, especially respiratory issues, with its warm climate and situated nicely by the Topa Topa Mountains. I try to get to Ojai every year to warm and cleanse the soul and mind. 

Love for Mexico

As we walked out of the airport after landing and going through customs, we see a man with a big, beige Suburban. His name is Johnny Ramba, and he’s been waiting for us. He started an old vehicle rental company when people were getting fed up with the unspoken details that go along when renting vehicles. He was well-dressed, gracious, and had a big toothy smile. I couldn’t help but think how much I already love Mexico. 

I had never been to the Pacific side of Mexico before, where waves and a different ocean melts its way into our happy souls. We spent our warm getaway in a lovely apartment with a big balcony overlooking the beach and surf. There were little restaurants dotting the coast. Our favourite served chile rellenos, but only on Sundays. We surfed every morning and slept to the crashing sounds of waves and watched manta rays jump beside our surfboards. Mexico was good to us! Click here to see more photos featuring the women I traveled with on the trip.

Hermanas de la Costa

I’m a summer baby. Born in August in 30 degree heat sort of set me up for a life of needing warmth. Once I discovered the ocean, it was game over. I would never leave the sea’s side, as it would never leave mine. 

Of course, in Canada it doesn’t stay warm. I’ve become accustomed to surfing in 10 degree celsius water with an air temperature of 0. It’s cold, but it still keeps my spirit warm with the fun of doing it with my friends in a beautiful place. But sometimes you need to go someplace where the sun and warmth wraps around you until you feel yourself melting in with the sea. It was going to be one of the coldest Winter’s on record. I booked flights to Mexico.

I’m inspired by other women. With photography, surfing, and lifestyle, I am constantly reading about other ladies who are leaders of their own lives. I love that. In Mexico, I focused on shooting the women I was traveling with. They are each beautiful and full of strength, confidence, love of life, and creativity. With the help of the ocean and my camera, I worked at capturing their authentic grace.

Go here to see photos from the rest of the trip.

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